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Piedmont Reporting

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About Us

We are owned and operated by experienced professionals in the litigation space

We believe in quality, timely delivery with no hidden charges or nickel and dime pricing. We have lived in major cases and the day to day cases that impact your clients’ lives. That is why we are available 24/7

Our primary coverage is focused in Georgia, with the ability to cover depositions and hearings across the country, with true nationwide coverage

We provide two approaches to serve our clients

State Cases – we provide the Traditional Steno solution. However, without the nickel and dime charges

Typically our solution results in a saving of 20%+ over traditional providers

Federal Cases – we provide a Digital Solution. This solution provides a full transcript, typically delivered within 5 days (and yes including weekends) together with fully synchronized Digital Video

Typically this results in a saving of 30%+ over traditional solutions

Our Services

We offer all the traditional solutions, including:

  • Standard transcript delivery with all the bells and whistles
  • Synchronized video
  • Real time and rough
  • Complimentary – condensed, archival, read and sign, electronic files in all the standard formats.

How to schedule:

Simply send us an email at: and someone will respond within the hour confirming the time and location

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Piedmont Reporting

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Telephone – (470) 223 1735

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